Friday, June 4, 2010

The Smell of Manila

I was recently interviewd by RJ Ledesma of the Philippine Star and UNO magazine and having read this blog, he was curious to know my 'scentscription' of Makati in Manila. Here's a sneak preview before the actual article:

'Makati’s air is an industrial cocktail of tarty sweetness and hot cement. Green mango scented bricks maybe?'


  1. Welcome back Gene !
    I too love the concept of " what does your city smell like ? '
    my city does horse and buggy rides in the historic district , and on a hot day ( ie most of the time ), it smells like horse manure and traffic !
    I stay close to the coffee roastery we own , and when I go out people tell me I smell GOOD , like a coffee shop !

  2. ahh there's a chocolate factory in the next suburb where I live and each time they roast the beans, the town smells like heaven.

    ps. I've sent you your goodies. Let me know when you're received them!

  3. HI Eugene, RJ here! Please read my column today that features an interview. Here's the link:


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