Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm back, and this time with a new lover

Apologies for my disappearance.

It's been a crazy month with lots of travelling and launches that distracted me from writing but I'm back now with more delicious and sinister reviews. I am fortunate to have met some really interesting people from the industry and across the continents and sniffed crazy creations, and some subdued ones, including the yet to be named 'Rihanna'.

To welcome the writings again, I thought I'd write something decadent, something American.


So New York represents the common love of New Yorkers - espresso and chocolate. I say it represents the common love of anyone destined to work in an office. I'm allergic to coffee and too much chocolate gives me palpitations but sniffing it keeps me happy. Coffee and chocolate are not uncommon themes used in perfumes and they do appear from time to time - CSP's Amour de Cacao, Thierry Mugler's A*Men Pure Coffee and Givenchy's Play to name a few. Sure, I love my coffee and chocolate, but I also do not wish to end up smelling like a confectionary, or worse, like tiramisu. A good fragrance should be one that evokes emotions utilising the publicised notes, and be good enough to be worn daily without making you feel sick or diabetic.

I crossed my fingers when I took a sniff as I really needed to find a gourmand I can wear with a suit without ending up like Willy Wonka. Opening is sparkling and fresh (yes, fresh) with very delightful slight hint of oak and spices. It is important to note at this point that this fragrance is very linear after the top notes wear out. The heart and base contains the stars of this scent - espresso with a dollop of warm milk and unsweetened dark chocolate with a dried plum for effect. Yes it is slightly sweet, but it's rightly sweet. Overall, this is a decadent scent with sophistication that is genderless. It doesn't remind me of food, nor places food comes from, but it does evoke emotions and memories of being in a lovely cafe on a Sunday. If it does remind you of the actual coffee and chocolate, then they better be Godiva.

Rating: ****1/2

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