Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing the world's first celebrity headspace scanner

We already have the fashion police and reporters and no celebrities can escape headlines with the smallest wardrobe malfunction or plain bad taste but I think it is also time to have a fragrance reporter at every red carpet event to find out the hottest and not so desirable scent of the night. This is not an easy task and our poor reporter might just suffer permanent nose damage after a long night of sniffing who knows what.

To fix this issue, The Scenter presents you our very own prototype of the Celebrity Headspace Scanner:


In just 2 minutes of posing time, the Celebrity Headspace Scanner can detect to canine accuracy what scent your favourite celebrity is emitting. Find out their scent of the moment, what they had for lunch, whose bed they were in ... the information is endless. 

Coming soon to a red carpet event near you.

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