Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 is perhaps the Louis Vuitton of niche perfumery for her speed in churning out concoctions after concoctions while keeping their statuses sky high. For a 7 year old perfumery, Bond No. 9 has accumulated more than 40 fragrances, each with such a luxurious price tag you'd need to sell your car to buy the entire collection. She is a homage to New York and her fragrances are named after locations and icons of the area.

It was a chore trying to decide which of the Bonds I should do a review on first but since I adore Andy Warhol and I love soup, it's gonna be Andy Warhol Silver Factory.

Inspired by Andy Warhol's famous Campbell soup silkscreens and his silver-walled studio, Silver Factory is the 'liquid aura' of this great icon. One would expect a loud, in your face fragrance with metallic notes contrasting against monster florals. One would be wrong. Silver Factory is no party monster but it doesn't take the fun out of this bottle for you'll spend hours smelling to find the connection between this scent and the great man.

I'm not going to bother starting the review with the usual top, middle and base notes descriptions since this fragrance is pretty linear. Like Warhol's works, you 'get it' with one look (in this case- smell). It is neither progressive nor regressive, it is all about getting it in the moment. What is in this moment? It is frankincense. Silver Factory is top grade clean burning refined frankincense sweetened with amber accessorised with subtle violet and jamine for extra dimension and colour. If this is the 'aura' of Andy Warhol, then it definitely isn't what he radiates in Studio 54, but the 'aura' of his artistic nirvana. 

On skin, Silver Factory is pure magic, like an invisible cloak that gives you comfort and power. This is religion in a bottle.

Rating: *****

Silver Factory can be found in Singapore at Sephora.

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