Friday, March 26, 2010

It's good to have you again, Tom Ford.

I probably have enough perfumes to last me a lifetime and at the rate I'm cycling through them, it will take a good few years before I actually finish a full bottle of any perfume. The first bottle I ever finished was Tom Ford for Men and I guess that says a lot about it. Unfortunately, moving back to Singapore means cutting off my supply of this gem and I've been going through chronic Tom Ford withdrawal since. I made a short trip out of town yesterday to meet a fellow perfume enthusiast and did my usual duty-free smell marathon at Singapore Changi Airport. I love checking perfumes at airports because I don't get bothered by any sales assistants and they usually stock some hard to get fragrances. I headed straight to the niche walls where you can find Bond No. 9, Amouage and Rance and pretty much had a religious experience. When I turned around to catch my plane, there it was, standing proudly on a gondola and calling out to me. It was Tom Ford for Men!


Needless to say, it became mine. So my original plan was to write a review, but I don't think I should since it will come out totally biased. I love everything about this perfume - from the box design, which screams luxury, to the insanely orgasmic phallus shaped ribbed bottle design, the masculine citrus woody spicy juice, to the almost-porn press ads. This is not only fragrance, it is a damn sexy lifestyle.

Picture by Thomas


  1. I can't believe I have never sniffed this...!?!

  2. I will send you a vial! This is the smell of a good (naughty) man


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